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Welcome to Penrith RSL Cricket Club

“This Cricket Club’s story began when then two young soldiers (Jack Rattenbury and John Parkes) were in a mountain top jungle in New Guinea during World War Two
and in a lull in the battle going on they talked about what they would do if they survived it all and they agreed that as they both loved cricket, they would form a cricket club. They did eventually come home and on the 23rd of July 1948, with a number of then young men from the Second World War, called a meeting in the old army drill hall on Henry Street (since long gone) our first RSL Club, and formed this senior cricket club.”

This is a quote from our Founder, the late Jack Rattenbury, which he used to begin every Presentation Evening. Now in our 75th year, we run Junior teams up to age 16 in the Penrith Junior Cricket Association and Senior teams in the Nepean District Cricket Association

Latest News

New Link for Beginners

Thanks to one of our youngest friends, Amelia, we have added a new link for young people and beginners to better understand Cricket. It can be found in our links section, or here.

Penrith RSL CC 75th Anniversary

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the formation of Penrith RSL Cricket Club. We will commemorate this with a Celebration Dinner in February 2024, more details to come.

Success on the field

The 2021/22 Season saw all three Senior sides reach the finals. 8th Grade fell in the semi-final by the closest of margins to the Minor Premiers, Mulgoa Valley. whereas 7th Grade went one better but lost out in the final to Panthers. 4th Grade went the whole way and took out the Premiership, by beating Mulgoa Valley in the Grand Final. In the T20 Competition, both A & B Grades took out the Premierships in Division 1 & 2 respectively.

High Performers

Penrith RSL CC had players recognised by the Nepean District Cricket Association for their performance in the 2021/22 Season. Jed Prior won the 4th Grade Player of the Year, 4th Grade Batting Aggregate & Average and the Batting Aggregate across all grades. Harry Small, in his first full season, won the 8th Grade Player of the Year. Congratulations Jed & Harry.

The Spirit of Cricket

Everybody knows about the MCC Laws of Cricket, but very few remember the preamble at the start of those Laws. This is referred to as "The Spirit of Cricket" and are a set of Values and Guiding Principles to maintain the spirit of Fair Play. We at Penrith RSL Cricket Club look to play the game in the right spirit.

Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played not only according to the Laws, but also within the Spirit of Cricket.  The major responsibility for ensuring fair play rests with the captains, but extends to all players, match officials and, especially in junior cricket, teachers, coaches and parents.

  • Respect is central to the Spirit of Cricket.

  • Respect your captain, team-mates, opponents and the authority of the umpires.

  • Play hard and play fair.

  • Accept the umpire’s decision.

  • Create a positive atmosphere by your own conduct, and encourage others to do likewise.

  • Show self-discipline, even when things go against you.

  • Congratulate the opposition on their successes, and enjoy those of your own team.

  • Thank the officials and your opposition at the end of the match, whatever the result.

  • Cricket is an exciting game that encourages leadership, friendship and teamwork, which brings together people from different nationalities, cultures and religions, especially when played within the Spirit of Cricket.

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